These are the projects that I’ve been part of it during the design phase…

If you click on some of them you will find more info about the vessel, and of course my part of the work in the project. Feel free to explore them…

“Costa Smeralda”

Cruise ship

“Mardi Gras”

Cruise ship

“Costa Toscana”

Cruise ship – in progress

“Mein Schiff” 1

Cruise ship


Bunkering Tanker

“Mein Schiff” 2

Cruise ship


Ferry boat

“IHC BeaverĀ® 50”

Cutter suction dredger (CSD)


Trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD)

“Far Sleipner”

Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel (OSCV)


Drill ship

“Deep Explorer”

Diving Support Vessel (DSV)